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What to expect in your landscape
• Specialized drip system where you can fertilize through the system.
• Waterproof electrical connectors to sprinkler valves.
• Separate drip system for shrubs and trees.
• Six-inch catch basins at 30’ intervals.
• Special fittings are used on sprinkler heads to prevent impact damage.
• Commercial grade glue used on all p.v.c. pipes.
• Future growth and expansion is planned into every landscape.
• Landscaping is planned based on human and pet impact.
• Landscapes are designed to attract birds and butterflies when desired.
• We buy plants from local nurseries that grow their own stock.
• Our sod is dwarf fescue. The perfect fit for hot Northern California.
• One-inch valves and piping in your lawn irrigation.
• Courteous workers and a safe clean job site.

Standard phases of landscaping

First phase – Irrigation and drainage roughed in.
Second Phase – Concrete forms set and gravel installed.
Third Phase – Concrete poured and forms stripped.
Fourth Phase – Trees and shrubs and ground cover installed.
Fifth Phase – Landscape border, bark, and topsoil installed.
Sixth Phase – Sod installed, timer programmed.
Seventh Phase – Cleanup and walk-through with the homeowner.