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We can audit your water usage & show you how to save water and dollars

There are a variety of ways to save water. You can do it through changing your water times, frequency or your system. You can also add bark to your yard or get rid of water thirsty plants and plant California natives or other drought tolerant plants. The sky is not … Continue reading

You can remove your old lawn to save water or you can use efficient heads

You do not have to get rid of your lawn to save water. You can use water efficient heads to water your lawn and save up to 30% on your water. call us to find out more information

Make your old stamped concrete look new

There are products that can make old tired looking concrete look great. Many people pay quite a bit to have beautiful stamped concrete installed and then neglect it by not keeping it sealed. After a couple of years it can look faded and dull. We can make it look great … Continue reading

Ask a landscape contractor

Landscape contractors are professionals who install a variety of items concerning your landscape. We are licensed to do concrete, brick, block, stone, masonry, bark, irrigation, drip systems moss rock, retainer walls, fencing, low voltage lighting, sod, plant material, water features, fire pits, patio covers, decks, and pretty much anything that … Continue reading

Concrete Patios

Patios A concrete patio can come in many forms. Some are concrete which are covered over with tile, brick, stone or some other product. Most patios are installed by concrete contractors or landscape contractors. Patios are not something a do it yourselfer should attempt due to the high physical demand … Continue reading

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